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Request for


The RFPs we develop and manage for our clients are the same ones proven to grant access to the best possible solutions.


We make sure RFPs are developed based on client needs, and bid solicitation guidelines. Our team of experts conducts a selection process that is geared toward accessing the best possible proposals for our clients.

We will take care of all the details, so you can focus on your business.

We manage and oversee the entire process - from issuing the RFP to evaluating presentations and technical demos, and finally coming to an agreement with the selected vendor. At every step, we keep you updated on our progress, findings, recommendations, and negotiations.

Business Requirements Document

The Business Requirements Document is a concise, to-the-point document that outlines core functionalities and features of a system, helping our clients better understand these needs and map them to a functional specifications.

Project Management

As opposed to most projects, our technology systems are under budget and on time. With vigilant control of variables combined with strict monitoring, we provide client assurance and certainty.

Our experienced project managers oversee a particular project. Our consultants bring expert knowledge of proven techniques and an attitude that encourages cooperation into projects.

We provide efficient solutions to projects.




Working with entrepreneurs and tech companies across multiple jurisdictions, we help clients minimize legal risks and tap into unlocked opportunities. By applying professional experience, deep knowledge of local laws and regulations, and a solid understanding of the business context, we help create business-oriented contractual models that work in practice.

Robotics Process Automation

Our Robotics Process Automation (RPA) creates a win-win for us and our clients every time we go to work. We are freeing up people from day-to-day transactional and repetitive operational tasks, so they can do more strategic work. The result is happier employees, more productive businesses, and measurable value creation.


Patterns don't exist by chance. They arise as a result of data analysis and visualization. We'll help you understand the impact of your data on business functions. Our solution comprises an enterprise BI platform – providing the technology backbone for your company's analytical tools. This platform will help you see through millions of rows of data, and gain business insights in real-time.





Audits our tailored to meet the needs of our clients and provide a variety of results. Often, our audits unearth issues that might not have been imagined or considered. We can help assess the findings of an audit and suggest ways to better manage systems, technology, partnerships, and ultimately business requirements and goals.


We provide insight and actionable information based on clear, understandable KPI data. We can also help you define new KPI’s that are relevant to your business and IT.

Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping is the beginning of an experience-centric culture for your company, and one journey can be the difference between a customer for life and a lost opportunity. We focus on visualizing customers' experiences with your product or service, and use that visually-rich information to improve what you do.

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